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Dear Rosie,

We love you so much and are thrilled to have the honor of guiding you in your life. This blog is one of our gifts to you. Throughout its pages and posts, you’ll find knowledge that we have gleaned and history that we’ll share with you. It’s important to both of us that you are grounded in the history of “Us” as well as the history of those that came before your mother and your father.

We intend that this is a living blog, which of course means that…there are still mistakes to be made and knowledge to be gleaned, fears to be confronted, and so much love still yet to come.

Enjoy. Wistfully. Warmly. Hopefully. Earnestly. And above all else…lovingly.

Love, Mom and Dad

-1/23/2017; A.R. 1; 55 weeks, 4 days; 389 days; 12.74 months into the life of Alice Rose Rodricks